Hi babes! We are very excited to announce the first Spiritual Pink monthly horoscope. We gather information from various trusted sources and we summarize it for you so you don't have to read a million horoscopes. Gotta look and feel your best!


It is that time of the year to get out of your bubble and look elsewhere. Love can be found in the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times. Aries, do not be afraid, change can be scary and overwhelming but take it all in and let the wind guide you as you often let it do, do not resist, specially now. 
Is ok to admit you were wrong, it means you have learned more about yourself and now you know what you want. Is time to accept and change, letting go might feel like the hardest thing to do now but you can be sure that when you look back you will be proud of yourself and how strong and sure you've become, you have always been a strong one. Take the time to figure out what you want and manifest the love you deserve, escape expectations and you will find it, let go.
You've been thinking about that person at random times during the day haven't you? Gemini, the month of April is taking you on a love journey to the past, did you leave some unfinished business or is an old friend thinking about you so much they are suddenly popping in your head now?. Take this time now to make some calls and catch up, you might get a few a surprises!
Just because you are in a relationship doesn't mean your wants and need are forgotten. You still have so much growing to do and this is the time to start taking care of what you truly want and need. This is also the time to regain some of that power you gave up in bed, you are in charge and you do not need to feel bad about it.
♌️ LEO
Your gut is telling you exactly what you already know... is time to escape the matrix! You haven't done anything wrong but somehow you feel trapped. This month is a major wake up call and you must act on it, the universe is on your side. Talk to your loved one about your feelings and listen to them carefully, are they supporting you or holding you back, are you trapped in their reality? Leo, listen to your gut.
You are not defined by what you have done and you should not be afraid to be judged by what you will do in the future. Manifest the love you want and take yourself on dates, love will come for you easily this month if you put yourself out there. You have to be honest about what you want and you have to make sure you're honest with those that will come to your life this month, but most importantly be honest to yourself.
You want all that corny stuff! the presents, the butterflies, the cinematic moments and you know what? the universe agrees with you. Be outspoken about the kind of love you're looking for, be loud and present. This month is about radiating that so that when you walk into any room, your soulmate finds you right away, perhaps love at first sight!
Try not to be toxic this month by blaming others about what you're responsible for such as your own happiness. You might be starting to realize that you are not so happy with your current love life and this is due to various factors that are actually your own responsibility to figure our and solve. Isolate, go on long walks and sit down with yourself. The month of April will be crucial for the rest of your year.
Being one of the coolest and most charismatic zodiac signs, is easy to let yourself go a little bit so make sure you take time this month to evaluate your habits and cycles. You are on your way to a great year but don't romanticize the idea of love, instead take it easy and love will come with all its romance, love and be loved!
You feel content with current love life although sometimes it can be a little too much. This is because you are a free soul and you know what you want even though most times you feel like you're lost. This month is about realizing your independence and giving up on expectations from other people to make yourself more happy than you already are. You need to communicate very well with others this month in order to achieve all the freedom and happiness you seek. Those who love you will understand exactly what you're trying to do so don't be scared of loosing anyone special. You are loved Capricorn! 
Everything is changing! not that you don't know but yes, everything is changing and you have to embrace it. Is time to stop trying to control everything and let the universe help you like it always has. Let go of your loved one if is not fulfilling you, let go and you will regain much more than you know, for you do not know everything Aquarius!
Let those around you be themselves, don't hold them back. The reason why you love them is because they are who they are! Keep an eye out for how you feel about them though. Are you feeling very optimistic about people lately? You are high on life and everyone is amazing, look out for yourself.