KeewiMakingMillions Opens Up With Spiritual Pink About Her Creative Process and More! - Spiritual Pink

KeewiMakingMillions Opens Up With Spiritual Pink About Her Creative Process and More!

Q: Your consistency is amazing, you are always dropping fire music and your vibes are an inspiration to us all at the shop. How do you do it girl!?

A: Staying consistent is always a battle for me behind closed doors for those who know or perhaps don't know, I am a single mom, full-time artist, paying for sessions, photoshoots, and making sure bills are paid and food is on the table becomes a daily struggle In my career. But as long as I can manifest, pray to God, and thank Him for every obstacle, meaning challenges and doors He provides for me to be able to prepare my table before me, I’m blessed and the consistency stands. I keep pushing because I know it’s something great after staying dedicated. It’s a beautiful struggle because I can share my story with the world. To be honest, being creative is really how I come up with the majority of my music.

Q: What inspired your single “Awkward”?

A: Real-life issues like when different challenges come along and I have to know how to respond without reacting. It’s quite a few things I go through and deal with every day and I never break. I find it awkward but expected, especially when I'm living in this lifetime. The song "Awkward" was inspired by the many times I want to respond to negativity, but in the end, I always go the positive route and that makes me feel awkward because I’m not scared to clap back. But then I realize, I can’t because I have a lot to lose when all I know is winning. 

Q: What is your creative process like?

A: Peace and quiet environment, mainly mornings is when I write. That's when I have a fresh mind and time to think before I move around. While my son's at school, I try to enjoy and get things off my chest by writing accordingly. Just me and the beat in the room with no distractions and I reflect back on things that caught my attention either during the week or over a situation I’m currently dealing with.  

Q: What is the message you would like to give to your fans?

A: To my fans, I appreciate y’all the most. From all the likes, comments, and shares... I see y’all. The support is unconditional and I promise I’m taking us to the top. I just need y’all every step of my journey and keep putting all y’all friends, family, co-workers, etc. on to my music and I will keep feeding you all with my fire music. Be inspired, never give up, the sky is the limit. Last but not least, "stay in yo bag", we manifesting all year "team making millions" it’s up!

Q: Will we be getting an album or EP this year? 👀

A: This year it will be more visuals, features, shows/concerts, and dope content... we're working on it all year long. It’s rich season over here and well overdue... I need my plate respectfully.

Q: Any upcoming shows or announcements?

A: Yes, I have plenty of shows coming up, I can’t really guarantee it will happen due to COVID Restrictions, etc but If we get the green light, I'm definitely there.

Q: Finally, 10 bangers we must add to the Spiritual Pink playlist!



Blu lagoon

Throat Lighter



Big big d

Bust It

Beautiful struggle

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