Nude Pumps 101 | The Fashion Foot

1. Pastel Pink Dress With Nude Shoes

The color pastel pink is often mixed with white, nude, or ivory to enhance the color. If you have pastel pink dress, you should wear nude shoes to pair with the dress since the color nude will complement the color of the dress. If you don't have a pair of nude shoes then you can do dark brown, black, and red to complement pastel pink.


2. Pink Dress With Black Shoes

Adding black shoes to a blush pink dress will create a lovely contrast, making your outfit look stylish. Also, because you will be pairing with black shoes you will have options for variation!


3. Gold Shoes

It is hard to go wrong with gold when it comes to pink. Your dress will definitely stand out and your personality will shine right through, gold is definitely a statement. For a more romantic and chic option you can also rose gold shoes.


4. White Shoes

Wearing white shoes with a pink dress is a great idea if you want to pop more and be noticed. You can't go wrong wearing white shoes during daytime and your pink dress will look classy and over the top. The queen herself Rihanna did it so yeah, can't go wrong!


5. Grey Shoes

Grey shoes will bring that sophisticated and stylish look to your dress. Or if you are just going out for a walk or casual hangouts you can rock some grey snickers.